All Sports Training puts on Clinics and Camps for teams and athletes all over Birmingham. Our Trainers can customize a clinic for your team that helps deal with problems you team has been facing. We use the coaches and parents input to tailor the clinic to work out the problems or issues that matter most to your team. Our clinics are $100 and usually take up one team practice. If your interested in a All Sports Training Team Clinics please email us at or call us at 205-515-7544.

    We also offer coaches and parents clinics to help a team's coaches and parents to understand how to deal with some problems that face most of today's youth in sports. We specialize in working with young athletes and can sometime better relate to them. We offer specific clinics dealing with issues coaches will most likely come across at some point while coaching their teams and basic How-To clinics for parents and coaches. In these How-To clinics we try to help the adults understand the sport and explain some of the terms while letting the parents and coaches know about some issues your athletes are going to face in the season ahead. Some examples are: Being prepared for striking out, missing catches, missing shots and not playing as much as they think they should. If you think that a coaches and parents clinic may help your team please call us at 205-515-7544 or email us at for more info.