AST values all the testimonials given below and 
would like to thank all of the people who have 
been nice enough to share their opinion.

"I started working with AST in the fall to make the baseball team at Oak Mountain High School after about four months of training with the instructors I had taken about a 1.5 seconds off my 40 and now Aaron and Bryan are like brothers to me. We share God and have great times together."

 - Spencer Mitchell

"All Sports Training gave my son the focused, intensive training that he needed to improve as a player. Every facet of the game is covered - hitting, fielding, base running, team play, and more."
 - Rhonda Chambers

"I heartily recommend All Sports Training to any parent wishing to help their child improve their athletic skills and boost confidence. The one-on-one attention they will provide allows them to address the individual needs of the child. With my son, I could see immediate improvement, and he had a great time working with them."

 - Kevin Johnson